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Our Products

Tea/Cashew/Cofee Factory Management Software (Technology Used: ASP.net,My SQL,Android-Kotlin)

Description:This software can be used for different types of factories like Tea, Coffee, Cashew nuts etc who collects raw materials from the Farmers, process it and sell it.

  • Android Offline App to purchase leaves from remote places
  • Create Master Data Geographic detail, Farmer db, Employee, Truck, Finance related etc
  • Assign truck for Green Leaves Collection
  • Green Leaves’ collection Approval
  • Quality Testing Module
  • Post Production Module(with Different Grades of Tea for example)
  • Auto weight input into the App using bluetooth (is being implemented)
  • Android based PoS to collect the green leaves
  • Auto reading of weight by the App using bluetooth
  • Quality Testing Module
  • Stock Management
  • Farmer Payment Module
  • Invoice Ledger
  • ID Card generation with QR Code
  • Reports of each module
  • Print the GL Receipt using Thermal Printer from Android App
  • Fully customizable

Cocoa Factory Management Software (Technology Used: ASP.net,My SQL,Android-Kotlin)

Description:. This software can be used for different types of factories like Tea, Coffee, Cashew nuts etc who collects raw materials from the Farmers, process it and sell it.

  • Android Offline App to purchase Cocoa bean from remote places
  • Android based PoS
  • Create Master Data Geographic detail, Farmer db, Finance related etc
  • Waybill Generation
  • Wholesalers database
  • Farmer Direct payment while purchase
  • Farmer ID card with QR Code
  • ID Card generation with QR Code
  • Android App QR Code based as well as manual entry
  • Order entry, Invoice generation
  • Moisture based calculation
  • Invoice(Generation and Approval)
  • Stock Management
  • Sale to local dealers or in auctions or international customers
  • Several important reports
  • Waybill edit and approval (auto. Stock Transfer )
  • Other items purchase, transfer, sales
  • Multiple stocks (warehouses)
  • Stock Manual adjustment by Admin
  • Farmers’ farms on map

Stock and Distribution(Technology Used: VB.NET,MS SQL)

Description:This software is used to maintain stock details,sales and distribution of any organisation.

  • Admin/ Users Login
  • Raw materials stock entry
  • Products Stock entry
  • Sales To Distributors/ salespersons
  • Bill Generation
  • Accountant Approval
  • Distributors Database
  • Sales person’s Database
  • Shop’s Database
  • Salespersons/Distributors Android App
  • Sales to Shops/ Retailers
  • Bill Generation
  • Stock Manual Adjustment
  • Bill Generation
  • Return Management
  • Map
  • Raw vs Production Control
  • Report

School Management System (Technology Used: PHP,My Sql,Android-JAVA)

Description:This software cover up whole school management including Exam. Routine, Marks Management,Sibling mgmt etc.

  • Students’ Management
  • Human Resource Mgmt
  • Accounting
  • Hostel management
  • Library management
  • Transport management
  • Home work, Routine, Assignments, Study Materials download for students
  • Students’ Attendance Mgmt
  • Certificate Generation
  • Manual and online Payment
  • Android App (Teacher, Student)
  • Parents notification: Students’ school in and out (using biometric)
  • Reporting with easy export
  • Internal Messaging

Pathology lab Management System (Technology Used: ASP.net,My SQL)

Description:Using this software a pathology can maintain its patent's details,can maintain each patient's test details and can generate bill etc.

  • Patients’ entry
  • Bill Generation
  • Report Generation
  • Doctors’ database entry
  • Doctors’ commission Management
  • Bill Payment
  • Financial report
  • Test-wise report
  • Work sheet generation
  • History Reports
  • Database Backup
  • Appointment Entry
  • SMS Notification

Cab Booking System (Technology Used: Node JS,My SQL,Android-JAVA)

Description:It is an online platform where customers can view the availability, see the tentative fare, book from variety of options.

  • It can be used by a single passenger for a non-shared ride or by multiple passenger for shared drive.
  • People can use it for both local transport and long distance journey
  • Passengers can directly register from their mobile app.
  • Registration of cards can be done by the passengers directly from the app
  • Track Drivers
  • Pickup Location
  • Select Cab Type
  • Cab Booking- Intracity, outstation, hiring etc.
  • The fare to reach a certain place is determined by calculating the distance between the pick-up and destination point using google API’s
  • Live Tracking of cab
  • Add Payment withy multiple cards
  • Booking History for passenger
  • As well as drivers also get the platform to register directly from their mobile app.
  • As well as drivers also get the platform to register directly from their mobile app.
  • Driver can approve or disapprove on any new booking requests.
  • The Driver is allowed to update the passenger when he/she has accepted or rejected the booking.
  • The driver has the access of tracking the booking history and check the status of each that includes cancelled bookings.
  • The driver can Check the Ride History.
  • The driver can upload documents.
  • SMS and Email Notification.
  • Online, Off-line, goto-home options.
  • Live best route option on Map.

Lease or Rent Management Software (Technology Used: ASP.net,My SQL)

Details:This software is developed to maintain several numbers of rented spaces(Locations,Industrial areas,flats etc.)

  • Application for rent can be done by a customer(new registration). An approval portal can be used by admin to approve/reject it.
  • Bill details module for customers and admin will help to see all details of bills generated.
  • Can add water charge of each customers using the easy to use module.
  • E-wallet can help to top-up the wallet which can be used to pay bill(s).
  • Payment entries module can help to collect cash/cheque payments.
  • Bill-generation module will help to generate THOUSANDS of bills in bulk send by SMS/email just a click.
  • Online payment can be made.
  • Editing of requisition, personal details or bill details is possible.
  • Complaint portal with response module helps to resolve the issues faster.
  • Different types of intelligent reports including Financial report.

Stock and billing software(Technology Used: vb.net,MS SQL)

Description: This software can be used in any type of shop.It will manage the stock and account section of any shop.

  • Vendor entry
  • Dealer Entry
  • Products entry
  • Stock Management
  • Retail Sales
  • Distributor Sales
  • Bill Generation
  • Tax
  • Other expenditure
  • Report

E-commerce Software(Technology Used: ASP.net Core,MS SQL)

Description:This is the platform where seller can show his/her different types of product and the customers can buy products and can pay online.This may be a web application, a standalone software or may be an android app.

  • Seller can add multiple products of different category with variation.
  • Seller can create various categories as own choice.
  • Seller can fix the price with GST for different product or for different categories.
  • Seller can Check the stock status of each product and will get the stock status report.
  • Can check the order details report of whole month or whole year or any particular date .
  • Can check the selling report in details
  • Can check the list of registered customers.
  • Can generate bill for customers.
  • Customers can buy product and can pay online through this application
  • Customers can add multiple product in their cart and can buy according to their choice.
  • After successful payment buyer will be notified by sms and and in case of any inconvenience buyer will be notified soon by sms or email.

Doctor's Clinic Management(Technology Used: Android)

Description:Online Doctor booking by patients with date and slot.

  • Online doctor booking
  • Offline doctor booking
  • SMS Notification
  • TV display at clinic (Sl. No.)
  • Patient’s advance info to Dr
  • Dr. to Dr. refer
  • Prescription & Medical/fitness Certificate
  • Money collection
  • Expenditure entry
  • Report

Online Flat Booking(Technology Used: ASP.net,My SQL)

Description:This application is used to book flats Online by the Customers.

  • Web-based Admin Login
  • Project Area location Details
  • Customer can see the project related photos (unit plan, site plan etc).
  • Details of Flats location and Price of Flats
  • Beautiful Grid view of the flats from where customer can choose
  • Filling all other required details about customer and book.
  • Online payment of booking amount.
  • Precaution to avoid booking of same flat by multiple people
  • SMS notification can be sent
  • Email notification with invoice

Find Tutor(Technology Used: ASP.net,My SQL)

Description: This is the application where teacher can register themselves with details of specialization and students can search teacher according to class,subject,location and tuition type.

Financial and Banking Software(Technology Used: ASP.net,My SQL)

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