Drawing Website Design

Corporate Website :

Don’t be put off by our great price. Our Corporate Website package will deliver you a powerful website presence as a complete site or as the first phase of your long term website strategy. Best suited for start up and small businesses, your Corporate website will allow you to share information with prospects, customers, clients, vendors, partners and employees efficiently and attractively.

Animated Website :

 For brands that require more impact, we recommend creating a Flash Website for your business. Flash animations create great visual appeal to get your viewers excited before they even start on the copy and leave a lasting impression once they’ve left.

E-Commerce Website :

Start Selling & Accepting Credit card payments today. We provide solution that works for all kinds of businesses. Our storefront can be used for virtually any business, you can sell Gifts, Jewellery, Grocery, Books, Watches, Garments, Computers, Electronics or anything else. Our store front is not a boxed products, when we take up the project, we make sure it works for products you are trying to sell. We even highlight your selling points and can further customise the store based on your needs. We become your development partners, we will provide you with a functional yet simplistic back-end control panel to manage product listings, order processing, payments and sales trends. With total control of your e-Commerce site you will be able to control stock availability in real time, reduce dispatch, lead times and eliminate ongoing web development costs. Get an e-Commerce website today to showcase your products to their full potential and reach new customers around the world!

Re-Design Website :

  A re-design is suited to websites where most design elements are salvageable, and that with a few tweaks could transform a good website into a great one! We will do comprehensive competitor and industry research to generate a checklist of exactly what your site needs to succeed. You may also wish to complement a re-design with a Content Management System to give you greater control and cost savings over your site
A WORD OF ADVICE:  A re-design should never be used on a poor website as bad design elements, strategies and decisions made in the past will inevitably remain present. A re-design should also not be seen as a cheap alternative to purchasing a new site because this will be at the expense of the great website your business really needs.

Search Engine Optimization :

What is Organic SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing strategy to increase sales leads and quality traffic to a designated website and associated pages. SEO is the art of getting a website to work better with search engines and promote your website on web. In other words, Organic SEO is the ability to achieve high ratings without resorting to paid campaigns through third party services. seo
Why should I perform Organic SEO?   

Search Results are long-lasting: Organic SEO keeps your website appearing on the search result pages for a long time.

Organic SEO builds greater trust: Most searchers trust Google, if your site gets listed in the first result display page of Google, users will atomically value the natural priority given to your website by the Search Engines, making it easier to convert those visitors into customers.

It’s quite cheaper and cost-effective: Organic SEO allows you to sustain your online visibility without having to pay the ongoing advert display costs.

Increase in Targeted Traffic: Optimizing your website for organic search enables you to reach a large, diverse online community.

Build Your Business: Since, Organic SEO means higher traffic and increase usability, sales from a website are bound to increase. Organic SEO techniques can turn your website into an efficient business marketing tool.

How can DNC help me to achieve better results with Organic SEO?

On-Page Optimization
On-page optimization is related directly to the content and structure of the website in areas such as:

Keyword, competitor and market analysis: A prudent selection of keywords is essential in attracting visitors that are most desired by the website.

Meta Tags Optimization: Title Tag with keywords & Attractive Description Tag

Image Optimization
: Add Image alt and title tag to describe image with keywords

HTML Tags Optimization: Embed keywords with header tags, bolding and italics

Link Optimization: Include appropriate keyword in the anchor text

The goal is to make a website that search engines can easily read through, come back to read as frequently as possible, and generate a common theme for ranking purposes.

Off-Page Optimization
Off-page Optimization is essential to have maximum effect, gaining top positions for popular & relevant keywords. The different off page factors are mentioned below:

SEO Submission: Submit your website to different search engines so as to crawl our website.

Directory Submission: Your Website submission with a brief description to various directories which is beneficial for website link building.

Classified Ads: We advertise your site on classified website with your website banner or logo which can increase traffic to your website.

Social Bookmarking: We bookmark your website to various bookmarking sites which contributes to incoming website links.

Article Submission: Article Submission is a good way of website link building by submitting articles to the various article submission sites.

Off-page Optimization is an ongoing process that must be done continually to stay ahead of the competition.